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We only accept work from Oregon State University students. Fill out the required fields and attach up to five submissions. For multiple files, separate titles and mediums with a semicolon in the order that they are uploaded. If you submit more than five pieces (including cloud links for audio/video and raw files for visual/written; and including multiple submission forms from one artist) we will ONLY consider the first five.

Artist Information
These will be the pronouns we use to refer to you if your art is featured on the website or in social media.Example: Jane Doe is an artist. ~She~ uses paint to bring ~her~ ideas to life.
Literary Submission Guidelines

Literary Submission Guidelines:800-word limit for prose pieces, use a readable 12-point font, save as pdf or doc only. DO NOT write your name anywhere in your document, only on the submission form.

Visual Art Submission Guidelines

Visual Art Submission Guidelines:300 PPI quality image, JPG or PNG format. Do not have your name anywhere on your image, only on the submission form. (Note: an illegible signature is fine)

Video & Audio Submission Guidelines

Video & Audio Submission Guidelines:Submissions should be under 20 minutes long. Submit by sharing a Google Drive or other cloud sharing link to your file, rather than uploading the file directly.Use the text submission boxes titled video or audio link to copy and paste the link into the form.

Submission Form

Do not include name on literary or visual artwork.

Separate the title of each of up to five pieces of artwork with semicolons. Example: rise; reflect; return
The medium of artwork is what was used to create it; such as poetry, photography, watercolor, or guitar music Separate the medium of each of up to five pieces with semicolons.Example: acrylic paint; poetry; electronic music; video
If your artwork is featured on our website or social media we like to give you credit directly, so viewers can see more of your work. Please input any social media handle you would like us to include for you.
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