meth house

Travis Tubbs came to Oregon State last year seeking his Ph.D in crop science, but the house he bought for his family turned out to be contaminated with methamphetamine. Tubbs initially claimed the house was sold to him with that knowledge in mind and that the sellers should have at least disclosed that information beforehand. 

Bradley Dumilieu and Jody Draper were co-owners of the house until the Tubbs family purchased it with the help of the family’s contracted real estate agent, Rick Vega. Draper was working as the official broker for the house, under his and Dumilieu’s co-owned real estate company, Westgate Group LLC. Tubbs alleged that Dumilieu and Draper are liable for the clean-up costs under ORS 475.455. 

Tubbs later settled on a court case that lasted over 16 months and requested over $600,000 to cover the expenses that were racked up after discovering his house was contaminated. 

Tubbs says he withdrew money set aside for life insurance, borrowed from family and set up a GoFundMe page. 

According to Tubbs, the greatest help came from his community. 

“Family close by, people in the community reached out to us. It’s one of those things where you have a tough scenario you pull through it the best you can,” Tubbs said.

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