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About Us

Orange Media Network is the student media program at Oregon State University. Orange Media Network strives to lead the college media field by elevating diverse student voices through innovative and accessible hands-on media and leadership experiences that challenge views, build grit and engage the community.

The Daily Barometer (a.k.a. The Baro)

Covering campus and community news, events and happenings for over 120 years, the Baro is the campus newspaper that prints weekly on Mondays and exists daily online. Student editors determine news and editorial content and direct the staff in reporting, writing and editing assignments. 12,000 copies of The Barometer are printed each Monday and are available on racks the same day. The Barometer creates daily video News Blasts in addition to in-depth content in the newspaper. The Barometer is also delivered through The Gazette Times each Tuesday, and The Barometer staff designs a special page in the Gazette-Times on Thursdays.

Beaver’s Digest

This quarterly student life magazine launched in 2014 and focuses on student life, food, style, and fun at OSU. The magazine is produced by students and prints three issues per year. The publication is distributed free on campus.


This quarterly fashion magazine is the authority on all matters of style at Oregon State University. DAMchic joined Orange Media Network in 2016 and prints three issues per year.


This art and literary journal publishes three times per year. Prism welcomes contributions from OSU students in the form of photography, art, poetry and short stories. A volunteer student staff reviews the submissions and selects the pieces for publication. The publication is distributed free on campus.


KBVR-FM broadcasts locally on 88.7 FM, which can be heard anywhere within a 30-mile radius of the OSU campus, and a live stream at lets people tune in from around the world. Student DJs gain experience in live radio broadcasting, and select what music they want to play or topics they want to talk about, ranging from music, sports, art, science and public affairs programming.


Students have access to a new, fully equipped television studio, editing facility and remote gear for practical training in television production. KBVR-TV can be seen on Comcast cable channel 26 in Corvallis, Albany and Philomath, and a live stream is available in HD at KBVR-TV is one of the only college TV stations with 24/7 student-made shows and programming. TV programming includes live music and event coverage, game shows, sports, public affairs programming, talk shows and more.


Orange Media Network Social Media Policy

Updated January 2018

While the goal of the comment section is to further community conversation and engagement on the various topics and subjects covered through Orange Media Network’s content, the conversations need to remain on-topic, civil and respectful to the entire community.

Orange Media Network staff reserves the right to delete any comment that does not meet community posting standards. This includes:

• Comments that could cause or call for physical and emotional harm to any person

• Comments that contain offensive language targeted toward a specific group of people

• Comments that are racist, sexist, or bigoted in nature

• Comments that contain bullying or profanity

• Comments that contain misinformed, false or misleading statements

• Comments that are off-topic

• Comments that do not meet the community standards set out by Oregon State University’s mission or Student Code of Conduct

• Comments that do not meet the community standards set out by Orange Media Network and its mission

• Comments made by Orange Media Network staff (including subsidiary publications The Daily Barometer, Beaver’s Digest, DAMchic, Prism, KBVR-FM and KBVR-TV) acting on behalf of the organization unless authorized by student leaders

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