Displacement: Spring 2020

College means something different for every person, but its universal significance is change. A change in career; in surroundings; or in life can often make one feel... displaced.

Even more poignantly, 2020 has been a displacing time for people all over the world. The increased spread of the COVID-19 virus has meant families and friends have been separated, essential facilities have had to find new means of accommodation, and the way we interact has changed in just a few short months.

Displacement in all its forms is what volume 140 is about. The feeling of isolation in times of change. The acknowledgment of differences which can feel like blessings or barriers. A journal in a new, unfamiliar configuration. Sometimes, feeling “out of place” can be terrifying. But if we are never out of place, we can never share our differences nor use them bring us together. Experiencing something new can help us create so much more and better. Sometimes, light must be displaced for us to see the beauty, the rainbow..

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