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KBVR-FM - About Us

Whether you’re into alternative, punk, psych rock, hip-hop, jazz, electronic, or anything in between, KBVR-FM is home to a variety of shows and DJs with a multitude of different tastes. Maybe you want to start a talk show or get into sports broadcasting; maybe you want to start a podcast from the comfort of your dorm room. Maybe you want to do a full hour of some random dude playing nose flute in the Swiss Alps. Whatever you choose to play­--love it, own it, and play it hard. As a freeform, noncommercial station, being a DJ for KBVR-FM is one of the best things you can do on campus by spreading the music YOU love to our community.

Tune in to KBVR Corvallis over the airwaves locally on 88.7 FM, or here online at

Feel free to submit new or local music for review to our Music Director!

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KBVR-FM Staff 


Roman Battaglia

Station Manager

541-737-2008 //


Ashley Peterson

Music Director

541-737-2589  //


Anahelena Goodman-Flood

Productions Director


Melinda Myers

Podcast Director