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Summertime is officially upon us and with that comes the festival season. From Lollapalooza in Chicago to Bumbershoot in Seattle, you have your fair share of festivals to pick from in the United States, all ranging from genre focused to the best up-and-coming acts. Whether you’re a newbie to the festival scene or are a professional, we have the list to end all lists (related to the festival season at least). Read more

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What makes listeners keep coming back to it? Why is a biblical story that many know so popular for listeners and performers? I believe that the strong themes are seen throughout the play, the composition of the performance itself (how we shift from moody to joyful throughout the scenes, and the role of biblical figures themselves all lend to this powerhouse of a production. Read more

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Next to the music, the name of an artist is the most important thing. Finding the perfect name for your band is like naming your child after they are born. You send them out in the world and it either makes or breaks them and they might hate you forever. A band can become a household name and this name becomes more of a symbol than the actual music. The name becomes synonymous with the music. Read more

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