Here's how we put "bojue on a budget" to the test in our latest Walmart Styling Challenge 

The Save Money. Dress Better Challenge

Many think that to be "on-trend" you need to shop at high end retailers but we think that with a little creativity, you can find stylish pieces anywhere, even Walmart. 

To prove this and give ourselves a challenge we ventured to one of the biggest superstore chains in American and searched countless aisles looking for pieces that imitate ones we are currently seeing on fashion blogs. Many fashion bloggers on YouTube have attempted this challenge and have found great success. 

Here's how the Dupe challenge went for team member Sarah Rogers:


Walmart has prices that no stores can beat, although this makes it affordable, quality is sometimes sacrificed. This being said, for the average college student, this retailer could be a lifesaver. 

However with a bit of hunting and digging, okay with A LOT of hunting and digging, I was able to find things that were dupes for pricier items that are totally on trend. When shopping strategically we began to see that the chain has surprisingly stepped up their fashion game and if you already have an eye for style, shopping there can be rewarding and save your bank account. 

Located in the small town of Albany, Oregon this particular Walmart posed a difficult challenge. But even then, it wasn't that hard to find things and in no time I had to exchange my small basket for a cart. 

Tips and Tricks



Keep an open mind while looking through every section

Many people would head straight to their department but if you keep an open mind, every department has potential. 

When searching, I branched out to the mens section, the juniors section, and even the boys section. That may sound unrealistic, but the kids section actually mirrors the sizing of the “grownup” womens and mens section, meaning the sizes go up to age 18, which is an XXL, and that translates to a women or mens medium/ large depending on the item. 

For crop tops, tight tees, and leggings, you can make those items your own too. For instance, the tie-dye top (pictured above) I grabbed from the boys section, I chose multiple sizes down so that it would be a tight fit on me. There were leggings for girls that could be converted into biker shorts if you size down. Another examples are the lace camisoles in the womens lingerie section that came in pajama sets, which could be worn as a "going-out" top. 

Why buy an oversized t shirt dress from H&M, when you can grab from the Walmart mens section a Hanes t-shirt but just a couple sizes up? Pair that with a fanny pack and platform shoes and you have a Pinterest-worthy street style ‘fit.

I was shocked to find that Walmart is very much aware of trends. Sure, it won't be the same quality as Nordstrom or your favorite online boutique, but is that always necessary? 

1 bag

Items from our haul arranged in a plastic grocery bag

As trends come and go so frequently, it really makes me think twice about splurging on seasonal fads. 


For those who are into street style, Walmart launched a pair of Balenciaga dupes that everyone on Twitter is obsessing about. 

How long has Walmart been carrying these on-trend dupes without us knowing? Trendy brands such as Soda, have created lines exclusively for Walmart, these brands are known for affordable yet stylish items.



I was able to find that same newsboy cap that Urban Outfitters carries and the quality and fit is very similar. There were no crazy colors or patterns, all of the accessories were neutral and surprisingly very well made.

Gold layered coin necklaces are on-trend for the summer season, so I headed to the jewelry section specifically on the hunt for that. I was able to find exactly what I was looking for, actually with ease, they had a plethora of layered gold necklaces to choose from. 

What is also a plus about buying cheap jewelry is that if there is a specific part about it that you don't care for, like a charm, you can usually easily remove it. The jewelry that I found was not what I expected, the pieces were simple and not ruined by tacky charms, or language. The necklace I found had a snake charm, which is one popular jewelry trend of the moment. 


I have a new respect for Walmart and how they are making high fashion trends affordable. It makes it easy to be "boujee on a budget" and allows college students to be on trend. I spent $27.50, for half of the price of a t-shirt at most stores, Walmart can give you a whole outfit. 

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