Sanghyeon Yu stands with briefcase against a white wall


What do you think made your latest fashion show at DAMchic a success?

The models have their own characters. So, like, the title of the fashion show was Dr. Terra’s Guests. Bri was Dr. Terra and she opened the portals, and she brings the dis-future people to the show. I liked that show because it goes really well with a storyline. Everything went really well together.If you are showing the clothes, its just cool clothes… I think it should focus more on stories when I’m putting it all together. What material is this, what is it used for, why am I using it, what’s its story?


Sanghyeon Yu sits with briefcase 


How would you describe yourself as a designer?

I’m just a dude printing t-shirts man [laughs] to be honest. I don’t have fancy elaborations about myself. I don’t see myself as important as the designs. That’s all about my brand identity too. Let’s say I sell this briefcase to someone else, and you have your own interpretation of it, and I want to see that. Not like ‘Oh this is Yuxa, a Yuxa bag.’ I want to see how people perceive my designs. It’s like how in photography, many photographers could shoot the same model but it’s always different. So, I want to see that happening. That’s what got me into all of this. Seeing people wearing my stuff. At the very first drop, I didn’t really think that way. I just thought, “oh, my friends like my designs maybe I can print more and they’ll wear it” and then seeing them on campus or parties wearing my things and I was like, “Wow this is fun, this feels good.” I see people wearing my t-shirts as comfy clothing, like sleepwear, and I’m happy with it. My designs are like my kids, I love every individual design. I just like to see my designs go out in society and interact with people. It’s so fun.


How do you take advantage of an idea and further your creativity in your work?

From a lot of failures. A lot of failures. Cause like making furniture is my job now, I’ve been making pieces for about four years now. And I always make mistakes, and those processes make me think about the materials a lot. Like wood has different hardnesses and grain directions. It really comes from that obsession, ‘cause you want to make the right furniture for the right purpose.


How do you find inspiration? Does it hit you walking down the street or do you plan it out?

A lot from movies or from books, and shapes. I get most inspired by shapes and structures. But mostly movies also play a big role in storytelling. This particular piece [the briefcase] is called Death of a Salesman. Do you know the novel? I was just reading that and was like ‘life of people is so simple and repetitive and depressing’.


Sanghyeon Yu examines interior of handmade briefcase 


So that’s not what I see in this briefcase, how did you take that idea and make something bright and exciting like this briefcase?

Good question, I’ve never explained this to anyone. So like salesman suit with a briefcase. They work all day every year. He doesn’t know where he’s going or what he’s passionate for he just makes money. So I feel the negative impressions from that form. Guy in a suit, holding a briefcase. And that briefcase gave me a feeling of like being blocked away from people and society or himself. And at that time I was messing with the epoxy material, and thought maybe I should make a briefcase out of it. Yuxa describes the transparent material, “You can see what’s inside and that will make a better impression for those people. I wanted to change the negative feelings that I typically get from normal briefcases.


So you felt that energy and wanted to redefine it?

I was really lucky ‘cause I was messing with that material. I was trying to make a chair but I was more inspired by the briefcase so I switched directions.


Inspired by the play "Death of a Salesman," Sanghyeon Yu wanted to reclaim the negativity he associated with traditional briefcases.


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