General Police Log Graphic

December 16 

Theft 2- from vehicle 

A person reported a purple luggage set being stolen from their vehicle during the night. They noted their vehicle had been locked and the luggage set was valued at around $200. There is no further information at this time. 

December 19 

Criminal trespass 2 

An employee at the men’s shelter reported a person under the influence and acting aggressively toward staff. An officer contacted the suspect at the shelter, who initially refused to leave. The officer let them know they were trespassed from the location for one week. 

Theft 2- shoplift 

An officer responded to a business manager that reported a male stealing a comforter and blanket from the store. The case was closed due to a lack of investigative leads. 

December 23 

Theft 2- motor vehicle 

Multiple officers responded to the bell avenue area for the report of a “car prowl in progress.” The person who made the report said they saw someone attempt to open the driver door of their vehicle parked in their driveway. The suspect was described to be a male wearing a dark hoodie and backpack with jeans and a ski mask. The vehicle had not been entered. 

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