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The Oregon State Police have decided to end their law enforcement services for Oregon State University's Corvallis campus, saying they need to "focus OSP personally and resources on statewide policing needs," according to an email sent by OSU President Ed Ray. 

The email reads as follows: 

"OSU Corvallis campus faculty, staff and students,

Oregon State University was informed this week by Oregon State Police of the agency’s decision to terminate its law enforcement services for OSU’s Corvallis campus, citing the need to focus OSP personnel and resources on statewide policing needs.

We thank Oregon State Police and its many staff members and troopers who have served our Corvallis campus since the mid-1980’s.

To provide for an orderly transition of campus licensed law enforcement services, OSP personnel will remain on-campus, fully serving OSU until June 30, 2020.

Campus safety remains our highest priority. University administrators are actively evaluating short-term and long-term needs for campus law enforcement — and identifying and evaluating alternative service providers — to assure there is no lapse in service. 

We will share more information as it is available."

This story will be updated as more information becomes available. 

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This is exactly what OSU should have expected after making public statements about OSP and threatening to terminate w/ them before the bodycam footage was released. Now what will OSU do? Paid security seems like a poor choice given the recent circumstances. I mean as a student myself I would much rather have OSP than a bunch of rent-a-cops running around..


I am proud of OSP for terminating. This last incident cannot be the sole reason for OSP terminating but it must have been the last straw. Could be that this is just the last time OSP wanted to be asked by OSU to look the other way when students break laws. Maybe it was the last time the OSP wanted to be persecuted in the news by OSU leaders instead of working together. Ed Ray obviously never viewed the body cam footage before he made his statements showing poor leadership. Ed Ray drew a line he probably did not think OSP would step over. They called his bluff. A private security force which has a fraction of the training that OSP has will be expensive. OSU will now be liable for every mistake their private security contractors will make. OSU’s handling of this has resulted in our students, staff, and visitors being less safe.

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