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On Feb. 15, The Baro published a response from one, Jay Burreson, in response to Noah Nelson’s story “American dream is dead”. 

Mr. Burreson states he is a member of the class of 1964. Doing some basic math, that would make him in his mid-70s. His response is yet another case of so-called “Boomers” not understanding issues. 

Mr. Burrson really makes no point about the cost of education at OSU at the moment. According to, the average tuition, room and board rates in the United States for the 1964-1965 school year (the earliest on record) came out to $1,051 for a year. 

We’re paying 20x what he did and yet he still talks down to us about how “we’re lucky”.

If we didn’t destroy all of Central America during the Contra incident, The Invasion of Panama, or the 2009 Honduran coup, maybe we wouldn’t be having these issues in the first place and they wouldn’t, in your words, be trying to get into our country.

Millicent Taylor

3rd Year Political Science Major

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Man with the Axe

I'm always amused by how the United States is to blame for all the world's ills, as if the people of Central and South America have had nothing to do with the conditions their countries are in. If it weren't for the United States, we are supposed to believe, these countries would be prosperous, safe, and free. Of course, being prosperous, safe, and free ourselves we wouldn't want anyone else to have those blessings.

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