Aggie Hite

Orange Media Network's annual Senior Spotlight features students who were nominated by mentors, teachers, peers and friends as people who have demonstrated leadership, grit, and perseverance during their college careers and in this unprecedented time.

Name: Agnes Hite


One time I was challenged at OSU was…

My first major change! I went from BioHealth Sciences to Speech Communication... seriously two ends of the spectrum. Of course, this was the first of many major changes, but it was the most challenging because I didn't know what to expect, and I didn't see myself as one of "those" people to change their major :)



The people who helped me get to where I am today are...

These people have been my mentors since my time at Oregon State began! Shoutout to Natalie Rooney, Jess Tallant, LeAnna Trosen, Nelson Sigrah, Cyrus Mooney, and Miles Dodge! Outside of that, my START leader colleagues who became my closest friends through just a summer of work, every family I helped when welcoming new Beavers to our community, every regular participant who I got to visit with every morning at Dixon, and of course my family with their love and support.


After graduation, I am...

beyond excited to start a new chapter at Target! I have accepted a Executive Team Leader Position and will get to stay in the Willamette Valley. This chapter means, meeting new people, growing as a leader, and starting my "big girl" job that I've prepared for through my time at Oregon State.

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