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Standing Rock Still under Seige

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Although the motion was halted, it may be back in motion; the motion to put a 1130-mile pipeline that will deliver thousands of gallons of toxic oil underground everyday.

Recently there have been orders to build a pipeline through the sacred land of Standing Rock in North Dakota. This pipeline and its construction would compromise the sacred Native land. It is more important to honor this land than to continue efforts to suck our planet dry of every last natural resource.

The Native lands have been invaded and disrupted ever since Columbus took his first steps onto this land. This has to stop. We have to stop treating these lands like there is nothing there to be disrupted.

People live on that land, and the potential for the pipeline to disrupt the natural environment and the health of the locals is incredibly high. The pipeline will go through a sacred Sioux burial site, as well through their main water source.

In multiple news articles, and now in this video made by the Facebook page “The Movement,” sources have exposed President Trump’s executive orders to continue the plans to lay the DAPL pipeline through North Dakota, four other states and right through the protected Standing Rock tribal land.

Despite the constant protests against this pipeline, Trump decided to push on with these executive orders to continue the construction of the DAPL and Keystone pipelines.

We need to band together to stop this. This is what we should be putting our energy into, rather than just being angry. Watch this video and see just some of the damage this pipeline will cause, and use this knowledge in a positive way. Spread the word, take a stand, speak up!

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