There are a slew of cable TV stations that center their programming around paranormal phenomenons. It’s probably one of the strangest manifestations of our fascination with the unknown—an attempt to solve mysteries by trying to film them. I’m talking specifically about Destination America an… Read more

Following the release of a trailer for “Dear White People,” a Netflix original series based off a 2014 movie of the same name, members of the Alt-Right were quick to boycott the show, and Netflix. Their reasoning? “Dear White People” apparently encourages “white genocide” and “racism towards… Read more

Bill Nye, host of the famous ‘90s kids show “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” is returning to TV via Netflix. His new show, “Bill Nye Saves the World”, will be very different from the original. It will function more like a talk show, with guests from numerous scientific fields, celebrities and com… Read more

If you’ve ever browsed the DVD section at Bi-Mart or watched the commercials on “SyFy,” chances are you’ve seen a movie produced by The Asylum. It may not have been obvious, but once you know what to look for, it becomes easy to spot an Asylum “mockbuster” wherever you are. Read more

Now, I know I don’t normally post reviews, but I’ll admit that the “Riverdale” show piqued my curiosity enough to seek out critical opinions (but not actually watch it). The show is based on classic “Archie Digest” comics, which have been in print for over 60 years, and feature characters li… Read more

Portland is pretty unlucky. While this could be said for numerous reasons, I’m referring specifically to its tepid-at-best history of television. Where other smaller metropolitan areas have been the setting for fascinating place portrayals (Baltimore in “The Wire” or Atlanta in “Atlanta”), P… Read more

Any big Nintendo release is accompanied by loads of hype. After all, who could forget the video of the guy who stayed up for 5 days straight in order to get one of the first Wiis? Publicity for Nintendo’s newest console, the Nintendo Switch, reached a head during a Jan. 12 press conference, … Read more

We’ve all seen plenty of fictional mice, dogs, deer, and any number of other fuzzy woodland creatures. But what about our mascot, the rambunctious beaver? Do beavers enjoy as much screentime as their fellow animals? As it turns out, beavers aren’t well represented in the anthropomorphic worl… Read more

TV weatherpeople have a tough job. For as much as they can successfully predict, their inability to be perfect makes them the target of casual behind-the-back verbal abuse and subtle resentment. What kind of weatherperson could everyone love? Well, maybe a person isn’t necessary at all. In t… Read more

It’s not that reality TV is inherently bad, it’s just that reality shows are often strange social orchestras with little resemblance to actual human behavior. It seems ironic then, that fictional shows can offer a more nuanced, accurate portrayal of certain aspects of real life. There is an … Read more

In case you missed it, it’s 2017! In addition to freeing us from the talons of 2016, 2017 has a lot of new entertainment media scheduled for release. If you’re a perpetual binge watcher, check out this list released by the "A.V Club" highlighting some of the most hyped TV shows coming out. I… Read more

How to characterize 2016: A barbed thorn that will throb and inject its venom into the future? A tornado that peeled off the world’s veneer of normalcy and uncovered disorder and chaos? A cupid of death with sights aimed at the most beloved and non-conventional celebrities?   Read more

On Tuesday, Carrie Fisher passed away. Her legacy is undeniable, but her death has prompted a reevaluation of her career. While being Princess Leia propelled her to fame, much of her post-"Star Wars" life was spent as a writer/novelist, and, especially in her later years, speaking out on beh… Read more

The best coming of age dramas transcend the age of their characters; it's all a search for self. Whether or not we look on our adolescent years with nostalgia or derision, we've all also experienced the same yearn to discover ourselves. In that way, coming of age movies are some of the most … Read more

Ladies and gentleman, it’s time to dust off your headset and limber up those twitch shot reflexes because a new season of Overwatch upon us! On November 30th, Blizzard released Season 3 of competitive Overwatch and for players who might have taken a break from the game, there have been quite… Read more

There are few games more synonymous with epic battles, grand orchestral scores, and rich characters than that of the Final Fantasy series. Some would be hard pressed to find a young adult who doesn’t know at least a marginal amount of information about the series. For many, the name brings u… Read more

Procrastination: It’d be difficult to find a college student who hasn’t been plagued by its sweet itch. We’ve all done it. Scrolled through Facebook as the finishing touches of our essays evaporated from our fingertips, watched another episode of "Breaking Bad" as the peskiest of word proble… Read more

We all know the Mario Brothers. We first saw Mario in Donkey Kong back in the early 80s, and were introduced to his taller, slimmer brother Luigi in Mario Bros slightly later in the decade. Nintendo has been dodgy about the full name of the plumbing pair, but the 1993 live-action film adapta… Read more

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