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Bill Nye, host of the famous ‘90s kids show “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” is returning to TV via Netflix. His new show, “Bill Nye Saves the World”, will be very different from the original. It will function more like a talk show, with guests from numerous scientific fields, celebrities and com… Read more

TV weatherpeople have a tough job. For as much as they can successfully predict, their inability to be perfect makes them the target of casual behind-the-back verbal abuse and subtle resentment. What kind of weatherperson could everyone love? Well, maybe a person isn’t necessary at all. In t… Read more

How to characterize 2016: A barbed thorn that will throb and inject its venom into the future? A tornado that peeled off the world’s veneer of normalcy and uncovered disorder and chaos? A cupid of death with sights aimed at the most beloved and non-conventional celebrities?   Read more

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There are few games more synonymous with epic battles, grand orchestral scores, and rich characters than that of the Final Fantasy series. Some would be hard pressed to find a young adult who doesn’t know at least a marginal amount of information about the series. For many, the name brings u… Read more

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