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Letters from OSU

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After this past week's presidential executive orders to ban people from seven different countries, it is nice to know that at least here at Oregon State, all are welcome.

This is propagated through the staff, faculty, students and even our own OSU President, Ed Ray.

President Ed Ray

Oregon State University President Ed Ray.

After President Trump made his orders public, President Ray was quick to respond to his beloved university. As a response, Ed Ray wrote a letter to express his feelings of these orders and his plan for the university.

The letter is a proclamation that we will not stand for this here. President Ray explains the way in which the university will continue to uphold its promise to serve and honor all.

“As a land grant institution committed to teaching, research and outreach and engagement, Oregon State University promotes economic, social, cultural and environmental progress for the people of Oregon, the nation and the world.” - OSU Mission Statement

Other groups and organizations on campus have also showed their support to those who are being attacked by the recent executive orders. Some of these groups include the Diversity and Cultural Engagement, as well as the Women, Gender and Sexuality group here at OSU.

The letter from the DCE was written by Allison Davis White-Eyes, the DCE director. White-Eyes let’s the entire campus and DCE community know that those who are affected, or feel threatened by these orders are welcome, and have a place to go.

“All of our Cultural Resource Centers stand ready to assist anyone in need of assistance and support,” White-eyes said. It also states that ASOSU legal services is available to anyone as well.

The DCE outlines some important seminars coming up in the next few weeks that will help inform Corvallis and OSU residents of our rights and laws that are in place.

These seminars include, “Know Your Rights”, “Understanding Executive Orders”, “Immigration basics, updates and planning” and “Advising on DACA and more.” Each of these gatherings will provide a cohesive understanding of what has been going on and ways to keep yourself, and others safe.

No one should be denied anything because of race, religion or any other discriminatory factor, and that’s the point made in this letter.

These are all letters full of hope. Hope that the ban will not last and hope that we can all come together for what is right.

“We must not retreat to base emotions such as anger and fear. Rather, let us transcend these impulses and continue to serve as a model for society. By finding solidarity and strength in one another, we can turn this difficult time into an opportunity,” White-eyes said.

All of these letters are heartfelt, informative and worth a read. Follow the links above to read each one.


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