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Spring is here and that means more opportunities for potential new members to go through the recruitment process! The Odyssey’s article by Jaime McClennen called “Surviving Informal Fall Recruitment” gives you their top seven tips on how to make it through the recruitment process. While this… Read more

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It is estimated that roughly 18-20 percent of engineers are women, according to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Phi Sigma Rho is an independent sorority specifically for women in engineering majors. The first chapter was founded at Purdue University in 1984, by Rashmi Khanna an… Read more

People join fraternities and sororities for all kinds of reasons: the sisterhood/brotherhood, housing, academics, new friends and connections after college. Learn why these students at University of Southern California chose to join Greek Life and their favorite aspects of the community. Read more

Did you know that over 800 US and Canadian college campuses participate in fraternity and sorority life? Did you know that there are about 9 million members nationally? According to the New Jersey Institute of Technology, all of these facts remain true. Need more fun, fact facts? Check out t… Read more

All year long we hear Greek members throw around the word philanthropy like no one’s business. Each chapter has their own philanthropy in order to raise awareness and funds for a different charity. Many of these include pageants, various competitions, and other events in order to get other c… Read more

Founders Day may only occur once a year, but who’s to say we can’t celebrate the unbreakable brotherhood/sisterhood bond all year long? While it makes sense to hold a formal celebration once, this special bond and the memory of your founders should be commemorated on a different level than w… Read more

While the movie “Goat” directed by Andrew Neel, has been in theatres since September, there is still buzz about the premise of this controversial movie. Based on a true story from the 1980’s, “Goat” is about a college freshman getting severely hazed while pledging his older brother’s fratern… Read more

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