Fanbases for musicians have been around forever, but American-Rapper, Hoodie Allen takes it to the next level. Steven Markowitz aka Hoodie Allen, began making music publicly in 2009 and has been going full time since then. He has had success on iTunes, Billboard and has been featured on MTV music several times. Hoodie’s genre is hip-hop and has released several EPs and albums such as “Leap Year” [2011], “All American” [2012], “Crew Cuts” [2013], “Americoustic” [2013], “People Keep Talking” [2014], “Happy Camper” [2016], and “The Hype” [2017]. He is presently working on another EP that is untitled.


Picture of the canvas with Hoodie standing in front of it

Hoodie shows a dedication for his fans that we haven’t seen among many other artists. He is constantly on twitter and you can see his interactions with fans, whether it’s favoriting tweets and acknowledging them, responding to tweets, or direct messaging them. He’s always on top of what fans are saying and holds their opinions close. When he announced new music, he was working on back in July, he went live on several different medias. The live videos were focused on talking with the fans and getting their feedback on the music. He even has a texting program set up so fans can contact him whenever they want. He is always available for his fans and has urged his fanbase to make relationships with other people at his concerts and online. At his concerts his backdrop is a canvas that says “Make friends with the person next to you” which encourages fans to get to know the person that might happen to be squished against throughout the show. These are only a few examples of the dedication he has for his fans.


Hoodie smiling into the crowd while Alex (his guitarist) plays in background


Currently in September 2018, he is on a tour that focuses on his fans. The tour, titled Hanging with Hoodie, is all about Hoodie giving back to his fans. The venues are smaller than usually, as this tour he is only selling 300 – 500 tickets for each venue (depending on size) with the price being as high as $30. The ticket includes a meet and greet built in. In 2014, Hoodie had the first Hanging with Hoodie and this current one is everything and more. The 2018 theme is a carnival and fans are encouraged to play games, eat popcorn, and buy their merch while Hoodie meets with every fan and take a picture with them. The lines are long, but Hoodie’s fans are kind and always up for meeting new people. Which is helpful when you are pushed up against them waiting for the rapper to come on stage. We think this comes from the overall ideals that Hoodie himself has for his fans and himself.

Overall a Hoodie Allen concert experience is amazing even though you will feel the aftermaths tomorrow when your feet are still numb and your back somehow aches as if you slept on the floor. Going through that is worth it for an artist who cares as much as their fans do.


Hoodie and Madilyn Sturges aka DJ Mars with a white bubble background


Happy Listening!


Here is a picture of Allen and our music director, Madilyn Sturges!


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