A band from Virginia Beach, Turnover first began playing music in 2009. They were signed with Run for Cover Records in 2012, and released their first album Magnolia in 2013. Since then, they have produced two more albums- Peripheral Vision and their most recent album, Good Nature. Read more

On July 11th I had the pleasure of attending the Matisyahu concert at the WOW Hall Venue in Eugene. This venue is placed right in downtown and is a building I am quite familiar with, as the WOW Hall hosts many concerts and is always a venue that satisfies my musical desires. That being said, my expectations were high for the Matisyahu concert. Read more

Tuesday, July 11th Reggae Artist Matisyahu will be performing at the WOW Hall in Eugene, OR.

Matisyahu is Hebrew for “Gift of God” and is the stage name for Matthew Miller, born in West Chester, Pennsylvania but origins more truly from White Plains, NY. Matisyahu’s music reflects his religious journey as many of his lyrics and musical themes are from teachings of Judaism. His relationship with the religion has evolved and changed over the years. His story is one of the most honest musical and personal evolutions I have experienced as an avid listener. Read more

Welcome to intro to Hip hop, we begin at 1520 Sedgewick Avenue, Bronx New York, the birth place of Hip Hop. In 1976, DJ Kool Herc threw a party, spinning jazz, soul and funk records to create a whole new sound for the people of the Bronx. The way Herc spun records sparked a movement, spinnin… Read more

Electro Swing, you may have heard it in clubs or a hipster bar that serves their drinks in mason jars. A mix of jazz, swing and EDM, Electro-Swing got it’s origins from the 90’s, when people began to experiment with the fusion of swing music from the 1930’s with modern music. Electro Swing i… Read more

Britpop is a commonly misunderstood genre, especially in America. The trouble comes from the fact that Britpop was started as a way for British musicians in nineties to celebrate their British-ness. The entire genre was a reaction to American rock, particularly Grunge, which was huge when ba… Read more

Electronic music as a genre is best seen through its history of growth, synthetically creeping its way into songs since before technology existed. With synthesizers and drum machines becoming more commonplace, a community developed. Some people have very negative sentiments about electronic … Read more

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