It’s your first year at college and you’ve been living in the residence hall for a few months now, but you still don’t feel like you’ve figured out how to handle college life. Being on your own is new and difficult. You’re living in a building full of mostly strangers. And you don’t know who… Read more

As a girl who always uses ‘I can lick my elbow’ as her go-to personal fact during ice-breaker games in class, Oregon State University freshman Tarisa Olinski of Grants Pass, Ore. may not be the average student for more than just that reason. Not only does Olinski have at least one unusual ta… Read more

Studying can be kind of a strange thing. For some people it’s easy, for some people it’s hard and some people might never have learned how. But, no matter what your relationship with studying might be, this video from “AsapSCIENCE” provides some cool, scientific tips about how to improve you… Read more

With dreams of becoming a dietitian, freshman Emily Bacon from Newport Beach, Calif. is just starting out her career at as a nutrition major at Oregon State University. After circling the school on a list of colleges with a nutrition program that her mom, Tiffanie Bacon, printed out for her … Read more

Last week, I spent a lot of time talking about roommate problems. Roommate horror stories are a common part of college life and they can be a lot of fun to explore. But, not all roommate experiences are bad. Sometimes, it is possible to find a good roommate out there who you actually get alo… Read more

At this point in the term, people often start to get a little bit tired and burnt out, which can make productivity plummet in classes and work. That’s never a good thing to have happen, but it’s especially bad at the end of the term when we need to push through and finish our classes. If thi… Read more

When meeting Sara Christianson, it’s clear she is the kind of person who gets things done. She’s confident and positive, greeting the room with a smile. This is potentially why she has been so successful this year as a freshman student athlete on Oregon State University’s Women’s Track and F… Read more

College is the time when a lot of us are figuring out how to live on our own like "adults." One of the main things about adulting we often need to learn is how to properly budget. If that’s something you’re curious about or struggling with, the link below is a great place to go for 10 tips a… Read more

Caffeine is a magical thing in college. Sometimes, you just need that extra boost of energy to get you through long days or stay awake on long nights. But, there might be a limit to how much caffeine we should have and how long it actually will keep us awake. Check out this article from UC D… Read more

For some reason, week three is the time when everything starts to pile up. Every term, week three is when essays start being due, readings get longer, group projects are assigned and tests appear. So, if you’re like me with a lot going on and trouble figuring out how you are going to fit it … Read more

Something about winter term always makes it so much more difficult to stay awake in class. I don’t know what it is. It could be the cold. Maybe it’s the dark. Or even the fact that we don’t get many days off until spring break. But, whatever the cause, I definitely notice an increase in the … Read more

In case you haven’t noticed: it’s kind of cold and it snowed some—Just a bit. And unfortunately, some apartment and dorm buildings around town are not quite set up for the cold weather, meaning you could now be dealing with a number of annoying problems associated with the cold weather. One … Read more

One of the most important big steps a student can make to do well in a class—after showing up, of course—is take good notes. But, taking notes can be extremely difficult. There are many different strategies out there which don’t always line up with the various teaching styles professors have… Read more

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