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Turn Turn Turn by Lisa Wilson

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615 by Samuel Gilbert

Turn Turn Turn


When the spring came

and the ice thawed

you could see the cracks clearly

Tried to fill them in with concrete

because what could go wrong with strong and sturdy

a show of toughness

But it crumbled at the first sign of stress



Tried to fill them in with snow

packed in tight, winter a little longer

because maybe it was better to stick with what was known

But change came and the rifts reappeared

ignorant of my resistance



Tried to fill them in with honey

because I thought congeniality was the solution

Sweetness and smiles as a diversion

But the pieces began drifting from each other and too many ghosts got caught in the flow

Tried to fill them in with the never-before-seen an invention of pain-staking care

a polymer both flexible and sure

It held and kept holding

Success at last

I should’ve been happy

But I knew where the cracks were, whether I looked closely or not



A year passed

and the fractures remained patched

yet time had mended nothing

I gathered up my old paint

some aquamarine, brick red, goldenrod

leftovers from projects done and never meant to be done I outlined the border of each fault line

in pattern and color clash and some imitation of boldness drawing attention to the broken places

healing in abstract forms until the last light



Morning came and pride followed

Renewal reframing each ill-favored fissure

Reclaiming for better ends the need to be faultlessly whole


To see more of Lisa Wilson's poetry, pick up an edition of "Return," volume 139 of Prism.

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