Poetry Feature: Ode to the Love Letter, Bible

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Ode to the Love Letter, Bible

By Symon Ramos


The Gospel does not make sense.


Nothing about it makes sense.


Here is God,

the Almighty God,

the One who made the Heavens and Earth and the Boston Celtics

and sunsets

and space and time

and bananas

and sushi and pretty girls

and E Minor-


Here is God,

in all his glory,

looking at me

as if I'm the one for Him.


Here is God

with a quiver on his lip,

desperate to talk to me,

to listen to all my problems,

to announce to all of Heaven and Hell that nothing could ever separate me from His love.



here I am,

just as it dawns on me,

looking back,


just how much

I've let Him down.

How ashamed I've been of Him. How I've failed Him.

How I've messed up.

How I've broken His heart.


And it's true.

I've fallen short.

I don't deserve anything.



here is God, telling me that

I am not

powerful enough

to be rejected by Him.


Here is God,

who became man,

who was tortured,

mutilated like an animal on the cross, all so He could write us a love letter. Here is God

conquering all of death,

all so He could

grant us this grace

in which I now stand.


What manner of love is this?


What manner of love is this, that I am saved?


That I might bask in the brilliance of my Creator? That I have infinite access to this intimacy with Him? That I may be so bold as to call myself a child of God?


The Gospel doesn't make sense.

Nothing about it makes sense.


And yet,

I have never seen anything so lovely

as the gospel

as it comes alive

in all its love letter beauty.

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