My Wife the Doctor

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"Shattered Gold" by Ryan Camp

Content warning: This story contains imagery which may not be comfortable to all audiences, including reference to gore, and death.

There was a knock on the door. I looked at my wife confused, she gave me a mirrored look. We weren’t expecting company. I suggested that we ignore it and hope that they go away, but my wife was already walking toward the door. I pulled her back and whispered to her “don’t,” but she escaped from my grip and went to the door. When my wife opened it I was taken aback, the uninvited guest was disheveled and looked like they hadn’t showered in days. My wife asked what she could do for him and the man asked if he could come in for a simple meal. Before I could say no, my wife invited him in, introduced herself, and took his jacket. She started heading toward the coat closet and at the last second, I saw the man stick his foot out and trip my wife. I went to yell at him but my wife apologized and blamed it on her clumsiness. she told me to give him a tour and per her request, I did. The man reeked so I tried not to stand near. I asked that he take his shoes off, but he was already muddying up the pure white carpet. I asked him again to remove his shoes since he was tracking in dirt, but he avoided the request by asking my wife about the trophies on the mantle. Unusually not noticing the mess on the carpet, she walked over and went on to tell him that her trophies were awards from surgeries and research papers she’d done. She mentioned that she is the most decorated Cardiothoracic surgeon in the country, that she had awards and patents covering the walls of her office. She offered to show him. On the way out of the living room, he was tracing his fingers along the mantle knocking over one of the awards. I shouted at the dirty man to get out, but my wife stopped me and said it was an accident and she’ll take care of it. I pulled her aside and told her we needed to get rid of him. Completely ignoring what I said, she told me to take him to the kitchen for some food. I glared at the man as he leered at my wife while she picked up her broken trophy and took it to the trash.

I showed the man to the dining room and he sat at the head of the table, I was about to ask him to move when I caught my wife mouthing at me to sit down. I took a second to look at her, she looked more pale and thinner than she did before. It must have been the lighting. I sat down glaring at the man that took my spot, dirtied by home and broke my wife’s trophy. My wife put my plate in front of me, kissed my cheek and said- “Everything is going to be okay.” I looked up at her gaunt face with a smile. She placed a plate with a cover in front of our guest, she took off the lid and revealed a bloody liver. I jumped out of my seat in disgust, she assured me again that everything was going to be okay. I sat through the dinner watching the zombie devour everything my wife put in front of him as I watched her become uninhabited and weak. I saw death in his eyes, I was frozen in my seat. I couldn't do anything. When dinner was over my wife limped over to the front door with the lively looking man.

They said their goodbyes and before he departed, he pulled my wife in for a kiss and slipped into the darkness. She collapsed onto the floor and I ran over to her and pulled her into my arms. I shouted out the door for the man, screaming at him to come back but my wife just put my face into her hands. I looked at her with tears streaming down my face, but her sickly face gave me a look of reassurance, until her eyes became lifeless and her body became still.

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Teresita Guzman Nader

Good story. [thumbup]

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