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Candlelight by Natalie Lutz


Lightbulb Girl 

Miriam Barnes 


I'm a little desk lamp in a quiet corner

Of a dark library. 

You don't have to flip me on

I'm already burning for myself, 

You just have to find me 

And take the moment you get

To sit in the light I wish to show you. 

Come read with me, 

Sing to me of the beautiful stories 

Surrounding me. 

Desk lamps aren't the most spectacular 

Fireworks, and light shows, 

But we are the illumination you need

More than you can realize, 

Until you've wandered a dark library alone. 

The books grow spiny shadows

In awkward glints of moonlight

Through narrow high-ceilinged windows. 

And even the brightest exit sign seems lost 

In this maze of shelves and pages. 

So gather at my wooden hearth 

This little growing circle, 

To pick up pieces of your heart

Before you journey on. 

Or perhaps you'll find the brightness to your liking 

And stay, 

For more than a passing moment. 

Perhaps you're a desk lamp too, 

With different bulbs or designs of 


But I recognize you. 

Or maybe you're a candelabra, 


Or string of multi-color Christmas lights. 

Don't worry, 

All lights are welcome 

As fixtures here. 

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