The bowls,

​I want to give away. I left my palm on them,

I formed them in my palm, each and every

​one, for someone else to have. They come

from my belly, that's where I feel repulsion

and trust, the deepest of grounding sensations.

This is my response from take, to give, equally,

of my own accord.


Ceramics focused on experiences through the female body.

What one experiences when living in a female body and the possible responses to those experiences are a living continuum. The idea of people being more in tune with their own bodies as well as others’; comfortableness with bodies which are how we perceive and interact; these things are central.

I believe bodies should be accepted and normalized, appreciated for their ability to contain response, and respected for their connection to emotional being. Motivated by an internal pressure or emotion, my work delves into the body as a filter for experience and a location of perception, with my own body as reference.


The purpose of "I made these for you" was to respond to negative experiences with positivity. When experiences are dark, it is easy to be turned pessimistic and walled against the outside in order to protect the self. In the hopes of remaining open to people and goodness, "I made these for you" was an act of giving in response to taking.

Carissa Kern is a multimedia artist, responding to intuitive and emotional experiences. She uses art to process varying aspects of the world and its translations, finding motifs and fundamental values in her life to focus on. She often uses art practices to mirror her life practices, as they are together the same.


All writing and artwork by Carissa Kern; writing edited for clarity by Prism editorial team.

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