Photo by Lauren Miller

It’s a bit chilly outside. 

The leaves are shifting from a lush green to a crisp yellow.  In the distance, you can hear the voices of a large crowd. The jostling of feet on the sidewalk, the smell of coffee, and the sounds of bluegrass approach you as you make way into the Corvallis Fall Festival, one of the biggest art festivals in Benton County. 

The festival had a little bit of everything; there were beautiful pottery displays, exquisite jewelry stands, unique photography exhibits, and stunning work by tons of artists from all around the country. There were plenty of food options to choose from, ranging from Italian cuisine to American classics. Alongside food, music from various bands played throughout the festival, and places like the Kids Discovery Zone made the festival feel welcoming to people of all ages. 

I attended the festival both Saturday and Sunday, and my experience was amazing on both days. On Saturday it started to rain, and as the rain picked up everybody ran under the tents for cover. The vendors were very hospitable and understanding, even if they knew that I was not going to buy anything. I felt the community come together in its own way on Saturday. When I went on Sunday it was still a bit chilly, but there was no rain; simply the remains of Saturday’s downpour. The food trucks still smelled amazing, the music was still alive, and the people were still lively, chatting and perusing the festival. 

Personally, two booths really grabbed my attention. Spellbound Fine Art had beautiful abstract artwork made with acrylic paint. Although the paintings had no central subject matter, the way that Alyson McCrink was able to construct her vision onto the canvas was breathtaking. The second booth that caught my eye was home to an oil painter named Molly Reeves. She creates a variety of landscapes, ranging from ponds to farms to vineyards. A lovely lady, she took the time to explain her process and show me the quality of the prints. I always love hearing about the creative process, so I enjoyed chatting with her. In addition to these booths, the festival provided many venues that I loved to explore and was very inspired by. 

The festival is something to look forward to every year, and this year didn’t disappoint. It provided many avenues to explore, various mediums to peruse, wonderful music to listen to, and time to be with family and loved ones. Overall, I loved the atmosphere that surrounded the Corvallis Art Festival: live music, lots of food, and lovely artists-- what more could I ask for?


A wide-shot photograph overlooking the Fall Festival

Photo by Lauren Miller

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