BD Survival Guide 1
BD Survival Guide 2
BD Survival Guide 3
BD Survival Guide 4

HSRC Spring 2020 Assistance Form:


BD Survival Guide 5

Basic needs and emergency housing assistance:

Students facing eviction information:

BD Survival Guide 6
BD Survival Guide 7

Benton County COVID-19 Volunteer Form:

The Benton County COVID-19 Volunteer Form is an effort to aid the Corvallis community, created by "CGE Mutual Aid Caucus and the Benton County Family Response Team. CGE Mutual Aid Caucus is a group of graduate employees at Oregon State University and community allies dedicated to the building of community support networks and helping each other. Benton County Family Response Team is a group of local parents and activists that formed in response to the unprecedented community threat of COVID-19."

South Corvallis Food Bank:

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