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Morgan, Madilyn, and Noah have made it to dead week and to the season finale of DTD! WOO!

This episode has the three of them giving a wrap up to the Disabled Student Union article Jessica Li wrote, with an update on what the union has planned for next term.

They discuss how the Coronavirus (aka COVID-19) is affecting OSU regulations and the outright racism that is being felt by not only the Chinese international students, but anyone of Asian background everywhere in the world. Also why you should have been already been washing your hands after using the restroom. 

Dam, That's Deep! will be back for it's third and final season in spring term!

WHO: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019

CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/summary.html

Disability Access Services: https://ds.oregonstate.edu/

The Disabled Students Union by Jessica Li: http://www.orangemedianetwork.com/beavers_digest/the-disabled-students-union/article_1de2d854-56ae-11ea-81ca-473903ed4402.html

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